To us at LAW OFFICE OF GLENN J. INGOGLIA, each client is an individual with a unique set of challenges and expectations. Addressing those takes real, meaningful attention. To us, you’re never just another number.


The team at LAW OFFICE OF GLENN J. INGOGLIA features the best and brightest minds in our respective areas of practice. It’s one thing to make claims. But it’s another thing entirely to have the experience to back them up.

Looking Back Over the Years of Success We’ve Enjoyed at THE LAW OFFICE OF GLENN J. INGOGLIA, the Most Pride Comes not from Our Track Record of Success, but the Real Difference We’ve Made in the Lives of Our Clients​

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I remain truly grateful for the reputation I’ve developed among clients who’ve come to expect a few key differences from me.

At LAW OFFICE OF GLENN J. INGOGLIA, you can be assured we don’t make promises unless we’re fully confident in our ability to keep them. It’s not about saying what you want to hear. It’s about reliably delivering every time.

About The Firm

All Personal Injury Clients are billed on a contingency fee basis, with no money out of pocket for the clients. The Office only receives payment should there be an award of money to the Client.

All Child Custody/Support and Commercial/Transaction Litigation clients are billed on an hourly basis at an hourly rate depending on the complexity of the issues involved.

All Criminal, Real Estate and Landlord/Tenant Clients are billed on a flat fee basis, depending on the estimated time needed to resolve the matter.

The Office accepts all major credit cards and payment plans.